Thermoplastics and Injection Molding

Thermoplastics and Injection Molding

What are thermoplastics?

Thermoplastics, also known as thermosoftening plastics, are polymers that can become pliable, or moldable, at a specific termperature; these plastics will return to a solid state as they cool.

Examples of thermoplastics used in plastic injection molding:

  • Acetate stiff, transparent & easily dyed thermoplastics
  • Acrylic rigid, hard & transparent weather-resistant thermoplastic
  • Nylon extremely pliable, soft thermoplastic
  • Polypropylene soft, versatile plastic
  • Polystyrene light, stiff & water-resistant plastic
  • Polyvinyl Chloride extremely strong, durable plastic; better known as PVC or vinyl

Thermoplastics are recyclable, because their polymer chains will not degrade when melted down. This allows thermoplastics to be recycled indefinitely, unlike thermosets, until the polymers of the molding materials and plastics are broken down and structural integrity is compromised.