Computer numerical control, or CNC machining, is a milling process that combines CAD/CAM software with high-performance cutting tools in order to deliver superior quality with rapid turnaround times. Precision Mold & Machining Services takes this a step further, providing automation that lets one shift program your job while the CNC machines run around the clock. Because of this, your turnaround times are quicker — and your costs lower.

Capabilities of CNC Machining

CNC machining provides a number of capabilities and benefits.

CNC Equipment Used by Precision Mold & Machining

Over the last few years, Precision Mold & Machining has invested millions of dollars in advanced equipment with integrated quick-change tools. This enables us to tackle a wide variety of projects. On the CNC tool front, we rely on:

Each offers high feed rates, and combined with the ability to run these machines around the clock, we maintain high-speed and high-quality output.

Other Equipment And Capabilities

In addition to our CNC capabilities, we bring other machining tools to the table. These include electronic discharge machining (EDM) equipment for sharper corners, finer details, and smoother surface finishing, and gun drilling for deep, straight boring through large or complex pieces. That’s not all. We also offer milling, finishing, boring, injection molding, and mold repair, sheet metal fabrication, and titanium machining. 

Of course, absent an investment in people, all of our machines would come to naught. We are constantly improving our processes and quality control standards in order to keep pace with our customers’ needs across a variety of industries.

Why Choose Precision Mold & Machining for CNC Milling Projects in Michigan?

There are three good reasons to count on Precision Mold & Machining for CNC milling and machining. Our equipment and experience make a difference. So, too, does our commitment to meeting deadlines while also meeting the highest QA standards (including AS9100D and ISO 9001:2015). That, in turn, lets us provide on-time delivery anywhere in the world.

Getting in Touch With Precision Mold & Machining

Precision Mold & Machining is proud to serve Michigan manufacturing businesses’ needs on new projects, mold tooling and repairs, and much more. To consult on your needs, or to get help in a hurry, call today, 586-774-2330.


Precision Mold & Machining provides tight tolerance 3 and 5 axis machining of aerospace and automotive components, repairs and servicing of plastic injection molds, including CNC Gun Drilling, and EDM services. We offer our services to all industries including: automotive, aerospace, defense, consumer goods, and medical.

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