New for 2020, the AWEA LP4025 is the largest machine in our facility. After first seeing a similar machine at IMTS 2018, we put our heads together to plan our next big investment. We custom ordered this machine with a handful of extra add-ons and technology goodies including the MARPOSS BRANKAMP system, MARPOSS laser tool setter, Tru-Line leveling technology, an extended 120 pot automatic tool changer, and the first of its kind to be outfitted with a Heidenhain TNC640 controller. Additionally, this machine is outfitted with an automatic head changer which gives us the option to machine parts using the standard straight head, an extended head, or a 3+2 automatic indexing head. The AWEA LP4025 has a massive table, perfect for large aerospace tooling and components.  We integrated FCS System into the table of our machine in order to quickly set up either large parts or multiple smaller parts for production runs. The FCS system consists of a 50mm x 50mm hole pattern for clamping parts at the exact location that it sits in 3D data.  Set-ups and teardowns can be performed efficiently and seamlessly, giving us the edge on productivity.


AWEA LP4025 YZF Specs:

  • Travel: 157” x  98” x 60”
  • Spindle: 4,500 RPM
  • B-axis:  +/-110°
  • C-Axis:  +/- 180°
  • Control: Heidenhain TNC 640 
  • ATC: 120 Pot 
  • Auto head changer:  3+2, Extended, Standard
  • Total Investment: $1,200,000 USD




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