Since 1984, a diverse clientele has relied on Precision Mold & Machining Services for machining and manufacturing production in a wide range of materials, including stainless, hardened, and tool steels, nickel and aluminum alloys, bronze, ren board, and titanium. Our innovative manufacturing processes and relentless quality assurance ensure the delivery of reliable products on time, every time.

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What We Do

The common thread in every area we work in that ties them all together: innovative processes that increase efficiency, controlling costs without sacrificing quality.

Computer Numerical Control Machining

Our three-axis and five-axis CNC machining, backed by CAD/CAM software and high-performance cutting tools, delivers superior quality at scale — quickly.

Electrical Discharge Machining

Benching electrodes helps our EDM machining increase efficiency by increasing accuracy.

Gun Drilling

When depth, diameter, and straightness all need to be consistent, gun drilling allows high feed rates for short lead times that preserve accuracy.

Injection Mold Repair

Tooling new molds is expensive; injection mold repair allows us to prolong the life of an existing mold to preserve quality and your profit margins alike.

Engineering Changes

An ECO can be disruptive to your manufacturing process; our ability to handle engineering changes rapidly, with a higher degree of accuracy than our competitors, keeps you on track.

Titanium Machining

Working with titanium leaves precious little room for error, so we’ve invested into top-quality multi-axis machines and intensive training to put them to their best use — up to and including the ability to hold .0001 tolerances on key part features.

Who We Serve

A wide range of equipment, materials, and services enables us to serve an even more diverse selection of clients.


All too often, aerospace is where amazing innovation meets staggering price tags shoehorned into minuscule budgets. We deliver titanium satellite chassis and components, large rings and cones (up to 110” in diameter), actuators, structural components, and even the launch system components that get your satellites aloft.


We provide production casting machining, lay-up tool contour machining, and other services for a variety of components from tip to tail. These include in flight and structural titanium and aluminum components, production casting machining, turbine engine and landing gear components, and impellers.


Consumer demands, evolving tastes, razor-thin margins, and fierce competition make the automotive industry especially unforgiving. Our higher tolerances make for a better fit and finish, while services like large prototype mold machining enable you to move faster from prototype to production model. And the ability to turn around major components, from front/rear fascias to instrument panels and powertrain components, means reliable new models, or runs of legacy parts that help brands retain loyal customers.


From universal joints to tank components, we deliver parts that are backed by a rigorous quality assurance process from end to end, not to mention that they are literally battle-tested and proven. Furthermore, our processes are ITAR compliant.

Medical and Consumer Goods

Precision Mold & Machining Services Inc. succeeds in no small part because we devote the same time and attention to detail to the consumer goods and medical sectors as we would to our mil-spec clients. After all, we realize that in the moment, nearly any product, no matter how small, can be mission critical to somebody.

Quality Assurance

We hold our work to the highest standards. As such, our clients understand that they can hold us to a higher standard, and in turn deliver their best for their own clients. To that end, quality assurance is the backbone of everything we do. We meet or exceed the following standards:

  • ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) compliance that protects defense-related technologies, services, and information

Timely Worldwide Delivery

From parts deliveries in bulk to rapid prototyping, mold tooling, and mold repair that keep you on track, we tailor our manufacturing runs to clients’ needs. 

How to Get in Touch

From our home in Michigan, Precision Mold & Machining Services Inc. caters to the machining and manufacture needs of clients locally, nationwide, or worldwide. To see how we can assist you — whether it’s a new project, or extending the life of existing products — get in touch today. 


Precision Mold & Machining provides 3 and 5-axis component machining services for all industries. Additional services include: repairs and preventative maintenance of plastic injection molds, engineering changes, CNC Gun Drilling, and EDM services.

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