Gun Drilling

Precision Mold & Machining Services offers to a solution to drilling deep holes which require high precision in both straightness and the diameter of the hole. Due to the nature of gun drilling itself, holes can be drilled at high feed rates which in turn keeps lead times down and our customers satisfied. Gun drilling is commonly used in the production of plastic injection molds for drilling cooling lines or ejector pin holes. Not only do we offer gun drilling for the mold industry, but for all industries requiring deep holes with high precision and accuracy!


What we have to offer:

  •    Ejection Drilling
  •    Water Line Drilling
  •    Hydraulic Line Drilling
  •    STS Drilling up to 2" diameter
  •    Gun Drilling up to 1.25" diameter



Precision Mold & Machining provides tight tolerance 3 and 5 axis machining of aerospace and automotive components, repairs and servicing of plastic injection molds, including CNC Gun Drilling, and EDM services. We offer our services to all industries including: automotive, aerospace, defense, consumer goods, and medical.

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  • 13143 East 9 Mile Road Warren, MI 48089

  • Fax: (586) 774-2441

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