EDM Services

EDM, or electrical discharge machining, is sometimes known as arc machining or spark machining. This method allows for the machining of features that are not possible to machine with conventional methods. With EDM we are able to create a sharp corner where a conventional milling machine would leave a radius. EDM also makes it possible to machine deep slots and ribs and also small fine details with extreme precision.

EDM Machining Process

EDM technology passes an electrical current through an electrode to the workpiece via a liquid buffer. That current, in turn, creates a spark that rapidly erodes the raw material, either producing a cut or machining it to the desired shape. Unlike CNC machining, which relies on direct contact, EDM does not produce burrs — which, in turn, results in a smoother surface finish.

We offer a complete line of EDM services, including sinker-type EDM, orbital burning, and the design and manufacture of electrodes. By using the latest technology, we are able to ensure maximum accuracy and efficiency. And by benching all of our electrodes, we can ensure the absolute best surface finish to minimize the polishing required after the EDM process has been completed.

EDM vs CNC Machining

There are many machining methods available, but the two most commonly used at Precision Mold & Machining Services are CNC machining and EDM machining. Each has its advantages. 

CNC Advantages

Our five-axis DMU 85 monoBLOCK machines and DMU 210 P large-envelope machines offer high feed rates that do not compromise precision. CNC works best on non-cosmetic and textured surfaces (the latter requires additional steps in EDM), open geometry, and multi-cavity tools.

EDM Advantages

For all its strengths, CNC falls short in some respects. EDM is simply better-suited to complex geometries and performs better when sharp corners are required, especially in part interiors. EDM excels at deep cutting, automates easily, and provides a higher-quality surface finish.

Additional EDM Benefits

EDM provides a number of advantages over traditional machining processes. With tolerances of .0002 inches or less on small details, it offers a higher degree of precision. That precision, in turn, provides a product that requires less finishing and polishing, saving time. Our process also uses less wire than the alternatives. 

The precision of EDM also allows for small-radius internal corners, thinner walls, thinner slots in extrusion dies, and openings that are not rounded — all to exacting tolerances.

What To Expect

Although we leverage an arsenal of complex equipment, our real pride is in our employees, who maximize every minute of knowledge and experience they’ve gained to make the most of the tools we put at their disposal. What results is a product range that’s trusted by our clients and their end users alike. 

You can expect precise work with fast turnarounds, worldwide delivery and quality assurance.

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